Thursday, March 18, 2010

HALF the COUNTRY has applied to win The American Prize.

With some applications still to process and more arriving daily (mail from the West coast takes time) we already know that “half the country” has applied to win The American Prize. We have received applications from no fewer than twenty-six states and the District of Columbia. Contestants come from as far away as Oregon and Washington, California and New Mexico, Minnesota and Michigan, Florida, New Hampshire and the mid-Atlantic states, representing choruses, orchestras and their conductors in a broad range of categories. We are very eager to see what each packet contains and start the slow, careful process of selecting the semi-finalists, finalists and winners.

We anticipate that all contestants should receive acknowledgments that their applications are complete by this time next week.

Semi-finalists will be announced according to the schedule posted for each competition. Subscribe to our blog ( or follow our Facebook page: The American Prize, to know immediately when the lists are published.

We will be annoucing new competitions on The American Prize website soon.

Thank you for your interest in this unique and special project.

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