Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Important update: HOW WINNERS will be ANNOUNCED:

Congratulations to all finalists for the spring competitions of The American Prize!

Here's the how the winners will be announced:

1. After we hear from the last of the judges this week, final decisions will be made.

2. Before any public announcement, we will contact the winner in each category to invite them to accept The American Prize for their achievement.

3. The official, public announcement will then be made about the winner, as well as 2nd and any 3rd place finishers. (Other finalists will not be ranked.) The announcement will appear first on our blog, twitter and facebook pages, then will be sent to all finalists, followed by the media.

4. Prizes, certificates and evaluations will be sent to each winner later in the month; certificates and evaluations will go to all other contestants. Winners will then be profiled on our website.

5. We plan to space out the public announcement of winners over a series of days, instead of announcing all the winners at once, to give each ensemble and musician their due.

To learn exactly when the winner in a particular category will be announced publicly, please subscribe to our twitter feed: @americanprize. Of course, each winner will also be announced on our blog and facebook pages, as it happens.

Thanks to all contestants for a wonderfully exciting and stimulating competition.

New 2010 competitions for wind ensembles/concert bands, music theater and opera companies and their conductors, for pianists, vocalists and composers, will be posted to our website later in the month. 2011 competitions for choruses, orchestras and their conductors will be posted to the site a short time later.

All good wishes,
David Katz, chief judge

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