Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PIANO SOLO CONTEST repertoire requirements relaxed, deadline extended

We have heard from an number of piano contestants who have asked about waivers of the repertoire limitations for the tape in the solo piano contest. 

Since we desire The American Prize to provide opportunities to the largest number of applicants from throughout the U.S., we have modified the requirements, eliminating the Beethoven/Haydn/Mozart sonata provision

The new repertoire expectations are below. We hope it will prove a stimulus to attract the largest possible pool of applicants. If you have questions, please email David Katz, chief judge, at

The American Prize in Piano Performance (solo piano division): no fewer than 30 minutes of music, selected from the standard classical solo piano repertoire from any period. No pop music or improvisation. There are no other restrictions. Performers and works must be clearly identified on the disc, cover or video box. We prefer a DVD or VHS video of the applicant, but will accept CD (audio) recordings if no other format is available. No cassette tapes or other electronic media. There are no other restrictions.

You need not prepare a special tape for The American Prize. A previous recording, whether of a concert made in front of an audience or one created in a recording session without an audience, is perfectly acceptable. Neither the location nor the repertoire of any qualified individual limits eligibility, provided the general guidelines listed above have been met. Excellence within categories is the primary criteria for the selection of finalists and winners.

To provide more time for applicants who may now be better able to enter the contest, the postmark deadline for applications in both the solo piano and concerto competitions has been extended to Friday, December 31, 2010.  There is no need to request an extension. Simply be sure your application is postmarked by the new date. Although the deadline on the website and on the printed application may not change, be assured that all contestants who apply by the new deadline date will be accepted.

Questions? Please contact David Katz, chief judge of The American Prize, at

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