Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The American Prize is pleased to announce the semi-finalist women in the ART SONG division: professional, college/university and high school categories. Finalists will be chosen from this list, from which the final winners of The American Prize in Vocal Performance Friedrich and Virginia Schorr Memorial Awards will be chosen. In addition to this blog listing, semi-finalists and their media contacts will be emailed this information shortly.

If you were not chosen as a semi-finalist, the competition is not yet over. The judges reserve the right to award Honorable Mentions, Citations, and other recognition to praiseworthy applicants later in the process. Non-semi-finalists will also receive certificates.

Semi-finalist women in the OPERA category will be announced later in the week. To know exactly when semi-finalists, finalists and winners in any category will be announced, please subscribe to our facebook or twitter pages. Happy new year to all contestants.

The American Prize in Vocal Performance Friedrich and Virginia Schorr Memorial Awards semi-finalists in ART SONG (women) are: 


Rebekah Alexander, Brookline, MA
Kathleen Allen, Auburn, AL
Jennifer Beattie, Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Capaldo, Farmville, VA
I-Chun Cheng, New York, NY
Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber, Hollidaysburg, PA
Kimberly Giordano, Bothell, WA
Megan Hart, Portland, OR
Deborah Lifton, Stamford, CT
Karen Lupton, Atlanta, GA
Jacqueline Novikov, Malden, MA
Rena Panush, Los Angeles, CA
Tami Petty, New York, NY
Diane Thueson Reich, Orem, UT
Jaime Reimer, Papillion, NE
Stephanie Sabin, San Diego, CA
Rachel Schutz, Honolulu, HI
Penelope Schumate, Philadelphia, PA
Christine Steyer, Oak Park, IL
Laura Strickling, Alexandria, VA
Brandie Sutton, New York, NY
Jennifer Trost, Hollidaysburg, PA


Cristina Burack, Vienna, Austria
Jourdan Laine Burger, Palmetto, FL
Leah Kaye Serr, Shippensburg, PA
Megan Murphy, Greencastle, IN
Jennifer Moyer, Winchester, VA
Megan Welker, Evanston, IL
Amy Keesun Kwon, Baltimore, MD
Young Hee Kim, Adelphi, MD
Stefanie Izzo, Briarwood, NY
Georgia Duan, Bronx, NY 


Ava Borowski, Wilmington, DE
Emily Tworek-Helenbrook, Alexander, NY


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