Monday, August 1, 2011

TWATAP: August 1, 2011

This week at The American Prize we continue to contact national media about winners, runners-up and honorable mentions. We will also email local media with press releases tailored to those individual contestants. (Copies of press releases will be forwarded.)

We also hope to announce several citation recipients later in the week who deserve additional recognition for their work.

The American Prize office will be closed from August 8-21. We will have limited access to email during that time.

The office reopens August 22 at which time we will begin to send packets to orchestral, choral, opera and conducting contestants, including prizes, evaluations and certificates to winners; evaluations and certificates to runners-up and finalists; certificates to semi-finalists.

All contestants (semi-finalist or higher) will receive The American Prize logo and official seal, to use in print and online publicity, as well as our catalog of The American Prize signature gifts. Look for a “free shipping” code to appear on our facebook page later in the month to use for orders placed before the deadline. (Proceeds from the sale of The American Prize merchandise directly support the non-profit competitions.)

The Winners page on the website will be updated to reflect the results of 2011 competitions and applications and information about 2012 competitions will soon be available on the website.

All judges will be contacted later in the month concerning their participation.

Many thanks.

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