Saturday, February 11, 2012

about SAMPLE EVALUATIONS: conductors and ensembles

Over the next days, we plan to share sample, generic evaluations from The American Prize judges, to give potential contestants an idea of the kind of written adjudication we provide as part of the competition process.

Evaluations are a key component of The American Prize.  Although judges have a great deal of leeway about the structure and length of the adjudication they provide, the paragraphs we will post represent simply a sample of the quality we aspire to provide to every contestant who reaches Finalist status or higher

Ultimately, each evaluation is the opinion of one musician, on one particular day.  Written evaluations play a role in the final ranking, but no one evaluation should be construed to explain final placement in the competition. There are many factors. Ideally, evaluations are meant to encourage, suggest areas for improvement, and, when appropriate, provide useful, quotable praise.

We are artists, too, and because of our various experiences as conductors and music educators, we know first-hand the complexities of teaching and making music in modern-day America.

We desire through the evaluation process always to be helpful, positive, and respectful. For those reasons, among many, evaluations posted to our blog are examples only and do not refer to any specific ensemble or conductor. Actual evaluations, with the exception of short laudatory quotes listed when winners are announced, remain private.

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