Friday, June 14, 2013


Next week at The American Prize, we begin to announce winners of the piano competitions, then voice and composition as those results are known in the days and weeks ahead. Here's the procedure:

1. After the judges weigh-in with rankings in the various categories, we contact the winner(s) by email and ask them to accept their prize designation(s).

2. Once we hear back positively from a winner, we post to facebook and also tweet when we will announce the winners and runners-up in that category. The announcement will be made here on our blog and will include photos and bios of the winners and runners-up, and notification of any special Citations or Honorable Mentions.

3. After all the winners have been announced in all categories, we assemble and send packets of awards, evaluations and certificates.

Please be patient—sometimes we are waiting to hear from an individual on our judging panel, or for an acceptance. We will announce winners as soon as we possibly can.

Best wishes to all contestants!

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