Wednesday, July 22, 2015

COMPOSER semi-finalists, 2015 (ORCHESTRA—student division)

The American Prize is pleased to announce 2015 SEMI-FINALIST composers for orchestra (student division.) Congratulations! To know the exact date when finalists will be announced, please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter #AmericanPrize, where that information will be published first.

Please make us aware of any misprints in the listings below by emailing:

The American Prize in Composition—Orchestra (student division)

Keith  Allegretti    Santa Fe NM
   Carceri d'Invenzione
Dylan Arthur Baker    Kansas City MO
   Tumultuous Voyage
Jean Patrick Besingrand   Pittsburgh PA
   L'echo d'un lointain souvenir
Nicolas Bizub Mukwonago WI
Kai-Young Chan    Philadelphia PA
   Fall of Paulownia
John Hennecken    Martinez GA
   Everything Beautiful in its Time
William Charles Horsley    Reno  NV
Dongryul Lee    Champaign IL
   Circular Simulacrum
Kenneth Lim    Anyang Gyeonggi Korea
   Intended Intension
Brian Mark    Holbrook NY
   The Persistence of Time
Marlene Miller    West Grove PA
Patrick O'Malley    Los Angeles CA
   Symphonic poem "Even in Paradise"
Sin Young Park    Madison WI
   Un Homme Qui est Devenu une Etoile
Charles Peck    Philadelphia PA
Philip Rice    Lansing MI
   The Souls of Ancient Bells
Kyle Simpson    Washington PA
   Fanfare Overture
Joseph Sowa    Boston MA
   Summer Has Ten Thousand Stars
Benjamin D. Whiting    Champaign IL
   Tempus Imperfectum
Hangrui Zhang    Cincinnati OH
   Cloudy Ground 


We invite semi-finalists to make the most of their selection by announcing it on their facebook page, tweeting the news, and including a link to this announcement on their website or blog.

Here is a sample announcement:

"Great News! I've just been selected as a semi-finalist in the (blank) division of The American Prize national non-profit competitions in the performing arts. Here's the link: (copy link here). The American Prize will be announcing finalists in my division next month. You can learn more about this prestigious national competition here: or follow the news on Facebook: or Twitter: "

Please feel free to modify or expand this announcement to suit your needs.

Congratulations to all semi-finalists.

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