Tuesday, September 20, 2016

CHAMBER ENSEMBLE finalists, 2016

The American Prize is pleased to announce FINALIST chamber music ensembles for 2016. Congratulations! To know the exact date when winners and runners-up will be announced, please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter #AmericanPrize, where that information will be published first.

If you are not a finalist this year, please remember that the contests are not yet over. The American Prize reserves the right to award Honorable Mentions and Citations for Special Achievement to any contestant, regardless of final placement.

TAP has honored a number of semi-finalists and quarter finalists in the past--to recognize a unique talent or focus, unusual repertoire, vital programming or outreach.

Citations and Honorable Mentions are usually awarded at the same time as winners and runners-up, but can be presented at any time up to the last winners' announcement this winter.

Please make us aware of any misprints in the listings below by emailing: theamericanprize@gmail.com

Finalists are listed by ensemble name, contact person, city and state.

The American Prize in Chamber Music Performance, 2016: professional division  

Scott Garrison Duo
    Leonard Garrison    Moscow ID

Telos Trio
    Deborah Grohman    Rochester NY

Dunamis Piano Duo
    Soojung Jeon    Duluth GA

Music By Two
    Sharon Johnson    Caneadea NY

Argus Quartet
    Clara Kim    Branford CT

Quin Texas
    Laura McIntyre    Austin TX

Merdinger-Yonan Duo
    Susan Merdinger    HighlandPark IL

Verismo Trio
    Nicole Riner    Greeley CO

Stranded Silver
    Willie Santiago    Ellicott City MD

Meriora Trio
    Yeonwoo Seo    Savoy IL

Elan Duo
    Andrew Smith    Fairfield CT

Avery Ensemble
    Adriana Jarvis Twitchell    Provo UT 

The American Prize in Chamber Music Performance, 2016: college/university division

Mirasol Quartet
    James Barger    Amarillo TX

Aquila Trio
    Michael Messer    Wheaton IL

Galestro-Smith Duo
    Jonathan L. Smith    Winchester VA

The American Prize in Chamber Music Performance, 2016: high school division

The New Amsterdam Trio
       Jane Bua    New York NY

The Amadeus String Quartet
       Ya-Fei Hsu    Pittsburgh PA

Salo Quartet
       Steven Oh    Pleasant Valley NY   


Finalists are encouraged to make the most of their selection by announcing it on social media and by including a link to this announcement on your website or blog.

Here is a sample announcement:

"Great News! I've just been selected as a FINALIST in the (blank) division of The American Prize national non-profit competitions in the performing arts. Here's the link: (copy link here). The American Prize will be announcing WINNERS in my division next month. You can learn more about this prestigious national competition here: www.theamericanprize.org or follow the news on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-American-Prize-celebrating-American-excellence-in-the-arts/214320622728 or Twitter: https://twitter.com/americanprize "

Please feel free to modify or expand this announcement to suit your needs.

Congratulations to all finalists!

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