Thursday, September 22, 2016

PIANO SOLO finalists, 2016

The American Prize is pleased to announce FINALIST pianists for 2016 in professional, college/university and high school SOLO divisions. Congratulations! To know the exact date when winners and runners-up will be announced, please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter #AmericanPrize, where that information will be published first.

If you are not a finalist this year, please remember that the contests are not yet over. The American Prize reserves the right to award Honorable Mentions and Citations for Special Achievement to any contestant, regardless of final placement.

TAP has honored a number of semi-finalists and quarter finalists in the past--to recognize a unique talent or focus, unusual repertoire, vital programming or outreach.

Citations and Honorable Mentions are usually awarded at the same time as winners and runners-up, but can be presented at any time up to the last winners' announcement this winter.

Please make us aware of any misprints in the listings below by emailing:

The American Prize in Piano Performance (solo)—professional division, 2016

 Sophia Agranovich    Springfield NJ  
 Stephanie Bruning    Catonsville MD   

 Seong-Sil Kim    Coralville IA    

 Miroslava Kisilevitch    Santa Barbara CA   

 Artina McCain    Manchaca TX    

 John Mortensen    Cedarville OH    

 Bill John Newbrough    Houghton NY    

 Jeremy Samolesky    Auburn AL    

 Rosangela Yazbec Sebba    Mississippi State MS    

 Sekyeong Seong    Columbus OH    

 Michael Seregow    Eugene OR    

 Jonathan Sokasits    Hastings NE   

The American Prize in Piano Performance (solo)—college university division, 2016

Aurelien B. Boccard    Kansas City MO   

Congcong Chai    Lawrence KS  

Chia-Ying Chan    Urbana IL   

Li-Hsin Chen    Kansas City MO    

Hokyong Choi    Cambridge MA    

Ezra Donner    Buffalo NY 

Teng Fu    Lawrence KS   

Yoo Min Jung    East Lansing MI   

Jae Young Kim    New York NY

Francisco Montero    State College PA   

Jacob Nydegger    San Antonio TX   

Tyler Ramos    Waipahu HI   

Eunsun So    East Lansing MI   

Ahyeon Yun    Mesa AZ   

The American Prize in Piano Performance (solo)
—high school division, 2016

Sabrina Chen    Palo Alto CA 
Leyla Kabuli    Davis CA  
Jarrett Mitsuhiro Takaki    Wilmette IL  

Jarod Yap    Clarence Center NY  
Ruobing Zhang    Voorhees NJ   


We encourage finalists to make the most of their selection by announcing it on social media, and including a link to this announcement on their website or blog.

Here is a sample announcement:

"Great News! I've just been selected as a finalist in the (blank) division of The American Prize national non-profit competitions in the performing arts. Here's the link: (copy link here). The American Prize will be announcing winners in my division next month. You can learn more about this prestigious national competition here: or follow the news on Facebook: or Twitter: "

Please feel free to modify or expand this announcement to suit your needs.

Congratulations to all finalists.

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