Monday, March 6, 2017

THE AMERICAN PRIZE UPDATE for all 2016 and 2017 contestants

We expect WINNERS will be announced this month in virtually all remaining contests, starting with the first announcement coming later this week.

Here is the procedure for announcing winners:

1. After judges have weighed-in with rankings in the various categories, we contact the winner(s) by email and ask them to accept their prize designation(s).

2. Once we hear back positively from a winner, we post to facebook and also tweet when we will announce the winners and runners-up in that category. The announcement will be made on our blog and will include photos and bios of the winners and runners-up, and notification of any special Citations or Honorable Mentions.

3. After all the winners have been announced in all categories, we assemble and send packets of awards, evaluations and certificates to the addresses we have on file.

4. Personalized press releases will be sent to the media contacts of all winners. A copy of the press release will be sent to those individuals.

Please be patient while we make these announcements: Sometimes we are waiting to hear from an individual on our judging panel, or for an acceptance. We will announce winners as soon as we possibly can.

Certificate and award packets are being prepared now. All will be sent by the end of the month. If your address has changed since you made your original application and you have NOT already sent your new address to the office, please do so now by email

Composers who requested the return of scores will receive them with their certificate packages.

This week, will also be posting QUICKLINKS to all 2016 winners previously announced, so results are easy for everyone to find.

This week we will begin to confirm applications for 2017 received thus far.

All 2017 contests are now updated on the website

The 2017 DEADLINE for composers, vocalists, pianists, chamber ensembles and solo instrumentalists in Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Extensions for those who need more time to complete their materials are available by request. Email us at

The preliminary 2017 DEADLINE for conductors, ensembles, stage directors and arts marketers, and for the ERNST BACON MEMORIAL AWARD for the PERFORMANCE of AMERICAN MUSIC is Tuesday, April 18, 2017, with final deadlines in May.

Please email with questions:

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