Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Excellence in music education is not confined to the classroom or to the applied music studio. Conductors, whether leading school ensembles, community or professional organizations, have a major role in education, not only of the performers they lead with such diligence, but also of audiences of all ages, of boards, donors, media, parents, and the community at large.

Everyone who comes in contact with an ensemble and its musical leadership benefits from the teaching and learning the conductor directs. As we witness more school music programs in peril, as the study of (and the knowledge of) music becomes more of an afterthought, the conductor assumes a greater role than ever before in bringing the value of this great art to the attention of American society.

This year, The American Prize is pleased to recognize seven conductors whose work on the podium is an exemplar of the conductor's vital role in music education. For the purposes of competition ranking, citations are a form of Honorable Mention. Winning Citations for Excellence in Music Education in The American Prize in Conducting, 2010 are:

Beverly Everett—Bemidji Symphony Orchestra, Bemidji, MN (community orchestra division)
Howard Goldstein—Auburn University/Community Orchestra, Auburn, AL (college/university orchestra division)
Clark Chaffee—Stevenson High School Patriot Orchestra, Lincolnshire, IL (high school orchestra division)
Christine Noel—Rhode Island Children's Chorus Chamber Choir, Harrisville, RI (youth chorus division)
Kathleen McGuire—San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, San Francisco, CA (community chorus division)
Jeremy Faust—International Orange Chorale, San Francisco, CA (community chorus division)
James Reddan—Re-choired Element Chamber Choir, Albany, OR (college/university chorus division)

In addition, Nadezhda Potemkina is the recipient of a special Young Conductor citation from The American Prize. She is currently pursuring a doctoral degree in orchestral conducting at the University of Memphis.


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