Sunday, November 7, 2010

CONTESTANTS from 15 states and counting...

With about ten days until the postmark deadline for The American Prize Schorr Memorial Awards in Vocal Performance, we are delighted to announce that applications have already been received from fifteen states, from Rhode Island to Texas and Florida to Wisconsin, with more applications and inquiries arriving every day. It looks to be a very exciting contest.

The postmark deadline for applications was extended to November 15, 2010. Complete information on the website The application forms may not all indicate the revised application postmark deadline, but be assured all who enter by that time will receive full consideration. 

"The American Prize is unlike any other competition, a valuable career builder in which all semi-finalists, finalists and winners derive benefit, regardless of who the final winners may be." David Katz, chief judge of the competitions, remarked.

"I think the competition has attracted so much interest, even in its first year, because it is the only contest that is judged solely through recorded performances, which practically every musician has access to already. There are no age limits (which can be so arbitrary) and no additional expenses for travel to some far-flung audition site, or for an accompanist when you get there.

"And because The American Prize provides written professional adjudication to all finalists, cash awards to winners, and regional, national and international visibility from semi-finalists on up, it may prove to be especially appealing."

A list of judges for the competition, including Jay White, eight-year veteran of the Grammy Award-winning solo vocal ensemble, CHANTICLEER, is listed below, in an earlier posting.

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