Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Now that the winners of The American Prize in Vocal Performance—Friedrich and Virgina Schorr Memorial Awards have been announced, what happens next?

In the next few weeks, the office will send, in this order:
WINNERS—will receive written evaluations, certificates and cash prizes.
FINALISTS—will receive written evaluations and certificates.
SEMI-FINALISTS—will receive certificates.
OTHER APPLICANTS—will receive certificates of participation.

All semi-finalists, finalists and winners will also receive emailed graphics of The American Prize logo and official seal to use in their publicity without restriction.

All applicants will receive information on the availability of exclusive The American Prize gifts, offered only to The American Prize competition participants, families and friends. (Proceeds from the sale of The American Prize merchandise directly supports the non-profit competitions.)

The American Prize office will:
—post links to the announcement of winners on various websites, blogs and forums
—send press releases of winners, finalists and semi-finalists to national media and to media contacts provided by applicants.
—and will add Schorr Memorial Award winners to the winners page on The American Prize website and begin to upload clips of winning performances to our YouTube channel.

All contestants will also receive a short email evaluation in which you will be asked to provide feedback about The American Prize—what you liked, and how we can make the competition better.

The postmark deadline for applications for The American Prize in Vocal Performance—Friedrich and Virginia Schorr Memorial Awards for 2012 is December 15, 2011. We expect that revised competition information and application forms will be available on the website in about a month.

Thanks to all contestants.

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