Thursday, September 1, 2011

TAP UPDATE: Winner Pages and Website

WINNERS PAGES: Winners pages in all 2011 competitions will be going live on our website in the coming days. As each one is uploaded, we will announce it on our facebook page and by tweet. We make every effort to be correct and comprehensive, but if you find a mistake or misprint in your information, please email us and we will make the fix. Look for photos of all winners and runner-ups to be added to our Facebook albums soon, as well.

We have been updating all national competitions for 2012 with revised applications forms and in some cases, revised descriptions.

Contests with December 15, 2011 deadlines (voice, piano, composition) go live first. We will announce on Facebook and by Tweet as each one becomes available.

NEW BLOG: In the coming weeks, a new The American Prize blog will come online. Called The American Prize Winning Links, it will catalog websites and press reports about The American Prize laureates in all contests and at all levels of achievement. Look for more about Winning Links soon.

As always, we welcome comments and suggestions:

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