Sunday, January 22, 2012

MORE questions & answers from SINGERS, COMPOSERS and PIANISTS

Here are answers to several more questions we have received from applicants. Most apply to all contestants in the vocal, piano and composition contests. (For additional Q&A posts, please visit HEADLINE NEWS on The American Prize website to locate them easily on our blogs.)

Please note that the extended postmark deadline for applications is Monday, February 6, 2012. Although the date on the website and application forms will not be changed, all applications postmarked by the extended deadline will be considered on-time for all divisions of the composition, vocal and piano competitions.


GENERAL: I have a combination of DVD and CD selections to submit. Must they be on one disc?
No. You may send both types of recordings with your application. Be sure to send two copies of each. There is no need to combine selections on one disc.

GENERAL: I am eligible to apply for The American Prize, but all my performances are with foreign ensembles. May I submit those?
Yes. Any performance (from anywhere) by qualified applicants that fulfills the general guidelines as outlined in the application is acceptable.  

GENERAL: I have a combination of studio and live recordings. Is that ok to submit?
Yes. Any combination of selections that fulfill the general guidelines for the recordings is perfectly acceptable.

COMPOSER: I am a composer and have selections by several different ensembles, including some not in the U.S. Is that ok?
Yes. Performances by multiple ensembles is fine. It does not matter where the ensembles were located or when the recordings were made.

COMPOSER: I don't have an actual performance of my piece (in front of an audience) but I do have a good reading that I feel does my work justice. May I submit that?
Absolutely. Any "performance" that you feel is a good representation of your work is acceptable (except midi or other computer generated performances.) Works must have been performed with the instrumentation or type of ensemble for which they were originally written.

COMPOSER: I have a performance of my work but have revised it since then. May I submit the revised score with the older recording?
Yes. We do recommend that you include a note with your application bringing any substantive changes to the judges' attention. 

COMPOSER: I have one choral piece I would really like to submit, about seven minutes long. Must I send more?
No. One piece is fine. You decide what to submit, up to the limit of 30 minutes in the choral composition area.

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