Sunday, March 11, 2012


The American Prize is pleased to announce finalists for the Chicago Opera Award, listed below, alphabetically by state. Congratulations. Finalists will be contacted by email early this coming week with a request for additional information. We ask all finalists to respond as quickly as possible to the email so final decisions may be made very soon.

The selection process for the Chicago Opera Award is separate from The American Prize judging. Winning one competition does not preclude the possibility of winning the other and all rankings are decided and announced separately. The three singers selected to perform with the Chicago Bar Association Symphony Orchestra will be announced on The American Prize blog and to the media as winners of the Chicago Opera Award, but will not receive additional written evaluations or certificates beyond those they may receive as contestants for The American Prize. 


Claire Stadtmueller    CT
Geoffrey Agpalo    IL   
William Bennett    IL   
Rosalind Lee        IL 
Sarah McIntyre     IL   
Patrice Michaels    IL
Juliet Petrus        IL      
Christine Steyer    IL   
Kate Tombaugh    IL   
Aaron Wardell    IL   
Marci Wagnon   IN  
Annie Gill   MD
Greer Davis     NY   
Matthew  Garrett    NY   
Maren Weinberger    NY   
Annie Gill        OH   
Kelsey Betzelberger    OR   
Suzanne Vinnik        PA        
Andrew Bawden        VA  

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