Friday, March 2, 2012


The American Prize is pleased to begin the selection of this year's winners of The American Prize in Composition, orchestral and choral divisions, with today's announcement of semi-finalists for these prizes.

David Katz, chief judge of The American Prize, added this note: "The tremendous display of talent, craftsmanship, variety of subject matter and style represented by the works of the composers below has me very excited. I have no idea what the final outcome will be, but I do know that the winning work and composer will be chosen from some very fine company. Congratulations to all."

Below, please find semi-finalists in each of the competitions listed, arranged by category (professional, student) in alphabetical order, along with the name of the submitted work. Congratulations to all semi-finalists. Do make us aware of any misprints. (

The American Prize in Composition—Choral Division (professional)

Jonathan Adams, AR    This Still Room; All Men Dream
David Avshalomov, CA    There's a Wind
Melinda Bargreen, WA    selected choral works
Daniel Barnard, TX     Requiem for a Sailor
Greg Bartholomew, WA    selected choral works
Dr. Ross C. Bernhardt, TX    selected choral works           
Sy Brandon, AZ    I Am Music
Jenni Brandon, CA    selected choral works             
Jordan Andrew Davis, CA    Ave Verum Corpus
Nancy Bloomer Deussen, CA    The Message; Et in Terra Pax
Burton Goldstein, CA     Pater Noster
John C. Griffin, MI    When Music Sounds
Brian W. Holmes, CA   Amherst Requiem
Clyde Edward Hupton, NY    Requiem for the Victims of Genocide
Amanda Jacobs, NY     Mass for the Living
Ryan Keebaugh, VA     ...the last words
Anne Carol Kilstofte, AZ    Soft Footfalls: Song of the Anasazi
Jonathan Kolm, VA   On the Beach at Night
Lansing McLoskey, FL    The Memory of Rain; Burning Chariots
Timothy Michael Powell, SC    Incarnatio Mysteria
Gordon Ring, VA    Magnificat
Robert A.M. Ross, PA    Psalm 51; Of Nature and Humility
Paul J. Rudoi, MN  selected choral works
David P. Sartor, TN     Thy Light is Come
Kyle Simpson, PA    Self-Portrait in an Upstairs Window

The American Prize in Composition—Choral Division (student)

Costantinos Dafnis, MI    Carmen Vocis
Joshua Fishbein, CA    selected choral works   
Jason Michael Saunders, WA    selected choral works        

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