Friday, March 2, 2012


The American Prize is pleased to begin the selection of this year's winners of The American Prize in Composition, orchestral and choral divisions, with today's announcement of semi-finalists for these prizes.

David Katz, chief judge of The American Prize, added this note: "The tremendous display of talent, craftsmanship, variety of subject matter and style represented by the works of the composers below has me very excited. I have no idea what the final outcome will be, but I do know that the winning work and composer will be chosen from some very fine company. Congratulations to all."

Below, please find semi-finalists in each of the competitions listed, arranged by category (professional, student) in alphabetical order, along with the name of the submitted work. Congratulations to all semi-finalists. Do make us aware of any misprints. (

The American Prize in Composition—Orchestra Division (professional)

Lee Actor, CA    Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Donald L. Appert, WA    Northwest Triptych
David Avshalomov, CA    Trotzky's Train
Seth Boustead, IL    This Point Forward
Sy Brandon, AZ    Celebration Overture
Oliver Caplan, MA    Journey to the West
Richard Chiarappa, CT    Uncle Sal's Cello
Nancy Bloomer Deussen, CA    Trinity Alps
Raphael Fusco, NJ    Sinfonia Drammatica
Michael Gatonska, CT    The Whispering Wind
Burton Goldstein, CA    Pale Fire
Raymond Horton, IN    Make Gentle the Life of This World
Michael S. Horwood, AB, Canada    National Park Suite
Michael S. Horwood, AB, Canada    Symphony No. 1
David C. Janssen, MA    The Return of the Son of Man
Douglas Knehans, OH    Ripple—for Large Orchestra
Jonathan Kolm, VA    Prophecies
Osnat Netzer, MA    Common Ground
Reynaldo Ochoa, TX    The Rainmakers Helper
Matthew  Peterson, IN     Hyperborea
David P. Sartor, TN    Portent and Apotheosis
Baljinder Sekhon, II, FL    The Offering
Kyle Simpson, PA    Journey Into Wissameking
Bradley Sowash, OH    The Spirit of Christmas
Greg A. Steinke, OR    All in a Moment's Time
John Van Geem    IL    Overture to Ellipse
Michael Glenn Williams    CA    New West Overture
Judith Lang Zaimont    AZ    Solar Traveller 

The American Prize in Composition—Orchestra Division (student)

Jason Thorpe Buchanan, NY    Berlin Songs
Michael-Thomas Foumai, HI     The Light-Bringer
Roberto Kalb, MA    Mascaras for Orchestra
Peter F. Nostrand, VA    The Dutchess, The Last Waltz, Ravello, Antibes, Gentle Rain
Alessandra Salvati, FL    Sinfonia
Liza White, IL    Step!

Congratulations, again.

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