Saturday, April 14, 2012


Composer FINALISTS for The American Prize display inspiration, excellent craftsmanship, the ability to manipulate and develop materials, and clear artistic intentions—in a variety of styles and musical languages.

One winner and two runner-ups will be selected. Each finalist will receive a written evaluation and prize certificate.

The FINALISTS for The American Prize in Composition are listed in alphabetical order. Please let us know of any misprints. (


FINALISTS: The American Prize in Composition—Choral Division (professional)

Melinda Bargreen, WA    selected choral works
Greg Bartholomew, WA    selected choral works
Jenni Brandon, CA    selected choral works             
Nancy Bloomer Deussen, CA    The Message; Et in Terra Pax
Brian W. Holmes, CA   Amherst Requiem
Anne Carol Kilstofte, AZ    Soft Footfalls: Song of the Anasazi
Lansing McLoskey, FL    The Memory of Rain; Burning Chariots
Robert A.M. Ross, PA    Psalm 51; Of Nature and Humility
Paul J. Rudoi, MN  selected choral works
David P. Sartor, TN     Thy Light is Come

FINALISTS: The American Prize in Composition—Choral Division (student)

Costantinos Dafnis, MI    Carmen Vocis
Joshua Fishbein, CA    selected choral works   
Jason Michael Saunders, WA    selected choral works         


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