Saturday, April 14, 2012

COMPOSER FINALISTS (orchestra), 2012

Composer FINALISTS for The American Prize display inspiration, excellent craftsmanship, the ability to manipulate and develop materials, and clear artistic intentions—in a variety of styles and musical languages.

One winner and two runner-ups will be selected. Each finalist will receive a written evaluation and prize certificate.

The FINALISTS for The American Prize in Composition are listed in alphabetical order. Please let us know of any misprints. (


FINALISTS: The American Prize in Composition—Orchestra Division (professional)

Lee Actor, CA    Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
David Avshalomov, CA    Trotzky's Train
Oliver Caplan, MA    Journey to the West
Nancy Bloomer Deussen, CA    Trinity Alps
Raphael Fusco, NJ    Sinfonia Drammatica
Michael Gatonska, CT    The Whispering Wind
Burton Goldstein, CA    Pale Fire
Raymond Horton, IN    Make Gentle the Life of This World
Michael S. Horwood, AB, Canada    National Park Suite
Jonathan Kolm, VA    Prophecies
Osnat Netzer, MA    Common Ground
Matthew  Peterson, IN     Hyperborea
David P. Sartor, TN    Portent and Apotheosis
Baljinder Sekhon, II, FL    The Offering
Greg A. Steinke*, OR    All in a Moment's Time
Judith Lang Zaimont    AZ    Solar Traveller 

The American Prize in Composition—Orchestra Division (student)

Jason Thorpe Buchanan, NY    Berlin Songs
Roberto Kalb, MA    Mascaras for Orchestra
Alessandra Salvati, FL    Sinfonia
Liza White, IL    Step!

*Dr. Steinke is on leave-of-absence from The American Prize judging panel during 2012.

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