Wednesday, January 28, 2015

VOCALISTS: questions & answers and the Chicago Musical Theater Award

YES—The opera/operetta and art song/oratorio contests are separate competitions, judged independently, requiring two application forms and two fees, but all materials may be sent (or emailed) together (or separately) as you wish, by the extended deadline of March 10th. Only the Chicago Musical Theater Award requires video and has an earlier deadline of February 17th. The opera and/or art song contests may be audio or video, as is your preference.

YES—you may submit materials at two separate times, if you wish. You can send recordings (or links) for the Chicago Musical Theater Award (including applications and fees) by the February 17th deadline for the musical theater award and send the rest of the recordings (for the art song and/or opera contests) later. Just be sure everything else you are submitting is postmarked by the extended deadline of March 10th.

YES—you may mix formats. The audition materials for the Chicago Musical Theater Award must be video (on disc or by sending online links) but the recordings for the other contests (opera/operetta, art song) need not be. They can be audio recordings.

REMEMBER—the Chicago Musical Theater Award is an additional opportunity for those who live within driving range of Chicago or can make their own travel and housing arrangements. It is judged separately from the other contests, and is not a required part of the competitions. If you wish to apply for the opera/operetta and/or art song/oratorio prizes and not for the music theater award, you can certainly do so.

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