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SEMI-FINALISTS: composers—instrumental chamber music, 2018-19

The American Prize is pleased to announce a grand list of 2018-19 SEMI-FINALIST composers of instrumental chamber music, in both professional and student divisions. Congratulations!

"Stunning quality and variety." —DK

As the contests unfold, finalists, runners-up and winners will be selected from this list. To know the exact date when finalists will be announced, please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter #AmericanPrize, where that information will be published first.

All contestants are reminded they are responsible for the viability of their online links to audition materials. Those links must remain active until the end of the contest year. Questions, or to make us aware of any misprints in the listings below, please email: theamericanprize@gmail.com

We invite semi-finalists to make the most of their selection by announcing it on their facebook page, tweeting the news, and including a link to this announcement on their website or blog. A sample announcement may be found at the end of the post.

SEMI-FINALISTS: The American Prize in Composition—Instrumental Chamber Music (professional division), 2018-19

Chris Holly Aa
The Democratic Revolution of the Tiananmen Massacre, Uprising, Umbrella Revolution, Rebirth!; The Lamb of The Living God is Jesus Christ
Aaron Alter
Carlsbad CA
Introspecive Blues #1; Try it On!; For Fred 
Olga Amelkina-Vera
Plano TX
The Heaven's Hundred  
William Ashworth
Medford OR
The Air of Other Planets: Variations on a theme by Arnold Schoenberg  
Leonard V. Ball Jr.
Winterville GA
ice crystals—lava flows; leaves
Bjorn Berkhout
Forest Hills NY
Running Towards Empty  
Robert J. Bradshaw
Gloucester MA
The Cost of Compassion  
Joshua Burel
Huntsville AL
Roanoke; Andooni    
Oliver Caplan
Medford MA
Love Letters  
Rodrigo Bussad Cesar
Chicago IL 
Vermilion; Looking Up; Nimbi
Jun Yi Chow
Astoria NY
Brian Ciach
Mountain View CA
Judith Cloud
Flagstaff AZ
The Dancing Ghost Lady of Coal Canyon    
Michael Coleman
Pensacola FL
Room 857        
Alex Cooke
Cleveland Heights OH
Dante De Silva
Tarzana CA
Robert Denham
La Mirada CA
Brian T. Field
Fairfield CT
Tableaux Tartroniques      

Cynthia Folio
Wynnewood PA
Winds for Change; When the Spirit Catches You…  
Amos Gillespie
Chicago IL
Burton Goldstein
Santa Monica CA
Arthur Gottschalk
Houston TX
Benny, Zoot and Teddy    
William Carson Graham
Brooklyn NY
what is possible, what is enough, and the benefits of either over the other  
Douglas Hedwig
Chattanooga TN
Movable Borders  
Alden Jenks
Oakland CA
Unrestful Sleep  
Kyle Kindred
Humble TX
Dmitri Korneev
Manalapan NJ  

David Lipten
Tallahassee FL
Once Was  
Samuel A. Livingston
Hopewell NJ
Call to the Mountains; The Old Man is Dancing    
Brian Mark
Brooklyn NY
Several Circles  
Jonathan B. McNair
Chattanooga TN

Jonathan B. McNair
Chattanooga TN
All a-Cryin'    

Timothy Lee Miller
Mahwah NJ
Dappled light 'mid mountains gleams  
Lawrence R. Mumford
Laguna Niguel CA
Jonathan Newmark
Burke VA
Secret Atop the Bluff
Sean Osborn
Shoreline WA
Trio No. 2
Matthew Scott Phillips
Birmingham AL
The Socratic Problem  

Ben Raznick
Denver CO
Memory Maze; Balada de Buenos Aires; Kyeone; Memory Haze Duet; Barcelona Tango Rag  
Clement Reid
Lakewood WA
Morrell Variations    

David P. Sartor
Hermitage TN
Sixes and Sevens  
Walter Saul
Fresno CA
Thomas Schwan
Dallas TX
Canone Infinito  
Chris Shelton
Norwood MA
A Dream Disturbed  

Benjamin Shorstein
Jacksonville FL
Andrew Sigler
Knoxville TN
Joseph T. Spaniola
Pensacola FL
Ann Stimson
Weston MA
Robert Scott Thompson
Roswell GA
Robert Scott Thompson
Roswell GA
Robert Scott Thompson
Roswell GA
Brent Weaver
Newberg OR
Two Intermezzos  
David Werfelmann
Saint Louis MO
Suite a l'antique

SEMI-FINALISTS: The American Prize in Composition—Instrumental Chamber Music (student division), 2018-19

Fernando A. Allendes
Boston MA
Llueve sobre hojas secas    
Jacob Beranek
Oconomowoc WI
Death's Door; Sempre nella luce      
Jonathan Booker
Kansas City MO
Divergent Trajectories      
Jake Boring
San Diego CA
Josiah Tayag Catalan
Sacramento CA
Fractal Tracing; Wanderlust      
Benedetto Colagiovanni
Clayton MO
Night Blossoms    
Isak Gaines
Brooklyn NY
In The Heart of the Earth       

Stella G. Gitelman Willoughby
Cambridge MA
Structurae Modorum    

Scott Greene
Highland Park IL
Untitled Work for Clarinet and Electronics     
Ian Evans Guthrie
Tallahassee FL
String Quartet          

Dai Haraguchi
Boston MA
Three Dreams      
Joseph Foster Harkins
Cincinnati OH
Piano Sonatina No. 2  

Annika Huprikar
Deerfield IL
Maria Kaoutzani
Chicago IL
jaune dorĂ©      
Kyle Krause
Marengo IL
Mikaela Rose
Nashville TN
Dust Storm; Sun Shower; Minuet: Transformation of a Caterpillar      
Pablo Rubin-Jurado
New York NY
Bats Hunting; Hypernova      
Marat Sanatullov
Seward NE
Return; Dawn; Mood        

Marat Sanatullov
Seward NE
Acts of Remembrance    
Avik Sarkar
Chestnut Hill MA
From Voices      
Austin C. Smith
Brighton MA
String Quartet No. 2          

Joseph Sowa
Simsbury CT
An Integrity of Clouds          

Zachariah Thomas
Bowling Green OH
Life Words amid corruption; Nocturne      
Stella G. Gitelman Willoughby
Cambridge MA
Structurae Modorum    


We invite semi-finalists to make the most of their selection by announcing it on social media, and including a link to this announcement on their website or blog.

Here is a sample announcement:

"Great News! I've just been selected as a semi-finalist in the (blank) division of The American Prize national non-profit competitions in the performing arts. Here's the link: (copy link here). The American Prize will be announcing finalists in my division soon. You can learn more about this prestigious national competition here: www.theamericanprize.org or follow the news on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-American-Prize-celebrating-American-excellence-in-the-arts/214320622728 or Twitter: https://twitter.com/americanprize "

Please feel free to modify or expand this announcement to suit your needs.

Congratulations to all semi-finalists.

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