Monday, January 11, 2021

CONTEST UPDATE: January 11, 2021

The American Prize 

The Nation's Most Comprehensive Series of Contests in the Musical and Theater Arts

We will now post our regular UPDATES on this blog, to help keep more of our contestants fully informed. In addition seeing them on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages, find up-to-the-minute information here:

*    The first 2021 COMPOSER semi-finalists will be announced later this week. Congratulations! Schedule to follow.

*    With the announcement of our 2020 HONORED ARTISTS on New Year’s Day, which marked the completion of The American Prize 2020 season of contests, we have created a blog page with WINNER LINKS for the entire season, to make results easy to find. 

Check out that special page here:

*    We are continuing to send certificate packages to 2020 Laureates. If your U.S. mailing ADDRESS has changed recently, please send us an update by putting “NEW ADDRESS” in the subject line of an email to us at

*    Lastly, if you are NOT a contestant and wish to receive “What’s on TAP,” our e-newsletter, sign up here:

We anticipate the January edition of “What’s on TAP” will be sent early next week.


We wish all our contestants, laureates, friends, and judges, safety and health during this difficult time. 

—The American Prize Team

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